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What we do

  • Prescription glasses

  • Sunglasses

  • Visual examination

In our optical shop you may take a visual exam that will give answer to all of your doubts about your ocular health. Besides, you will be able to find your prescription glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses of all kinds, zooms, thermometres and a wide range of accessories. We have our own workshop and we also repair frames to solve as soon as possible any case of damage for you.

We also, due to our experience and vocation, assess both aesthetically and technically our customers regarding all our products, especially optical crystals, frames and contact lenses.

About Us

Óptica Mira-sol and Ópti-Market S.L. belong to a family company founded in 1976. Forty years back us up.

Located in the very heart of Sant Cugat (L’Endevallada 15), our company has always been known for its quality and service. This feature, together with a very-close personalized treatment for every customer, has been crucial for our success.

Now that we reached forty years of history and service, we start a new project that will guarantee we keep being a trustful referent in the optical field. In our website you will find the most competitive prices in sunglasses, prescription glasses, as well as a wide range of accessories.

With our online shop we open a new communication gate that we’ll allow us to keep offering our expertise in the sector. We’ll work, as we’ve always done, so that this relationship satisfies your needs. Quality and service have always been and will always be our main assets.

A warm welcome. The management.

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C/ Endevallada, 15 · Sant Cugat Del Vallès
08172 - Barcelona
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T: (93) - 589 86 88 · hola@opti-market.cat